Terms and Conditions

Below are all the terms and conditions covering all areas of the Yorkshire Pudding Festival. Including Tickets, Exhibitors, Competitions and FAQ's. Please click on one of the buttons below to be taken to the relevant section.


Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in participating in The Yorkshire Pudding Festival . Before you proceed to purchase tickets, we strongly recommend you to go through the following terms and conditions:


In this section, words like ‘holder’, ‘bearer’, and ‘purchaser’ will refer to you – the person who will buy the tickets to The Yorkshire Pudding Festival. On the other hand, ‘our’, ‘us’, ‘we’, ‘issuer’, ‘provider’ and similar terms will indicate the organisers of The Yorkshire Pudding FestivalInk Events.

By opting to purchase, allocate or possess tickets to The Yorkshire Pudding Festival, you automatically agree to our terms of use. If you have problems with any of the clauses listed below or do not agree with the risk allocations mentioned here, please do not purchase tickets or try to enter the The Yorkshire Pudding Festival premises.

Please note that Ink Events reserves the right to make changes, revisions, and amendments, or add/remove sections from this set of terms and conditions – without any prior notifications to you. Such changes will be duly reflected on the website of the organiser www.yorkshirepuddingfestival.co.uk. These changes will relate back to the date of purchase of The Yorkshire Pudding Festival tickets.

The price of tickets for The Yorkshire Pudding Festival are as set out below. These figures are non-negotiable.

    • Kids tickets (Ages 6 to 17)
      • £4.50 for ONE day
      • £8.00 for WEEKEND ticket
    • Adult tickets (ages 18+)
      • £9.50 for ONE day
      • £17.50 for WEEKEND ticket
    • Family tickets (two adults and two children)
      • £25.00 for ONE day
      • £50.00 for WEEKEND ticket

*Kids under 5 get in for free.

  • The ticket you purchase represents a revocable licence for you to access Floor 6, CitiPark, Leeds Dock, Leeds, LS10 1LE on 1st and 2nd October 2022, when The Yorkshire Pudding Festival is scheduled to be hosted. The licence includes the revocable right to attend the The Yorkshire Pudding Festival. This licence can be revoked at any time by the issuer at its sole discretion, without any prior notifications or compensation options. If the licence is revoked, you will not be granted entry at the venue.
  • The bearer has to assume full responsibility of the The Yorkshire Pudding Festival tickets, once they receive it. Ink Events has no liabilities – financial, legal, or otherwise – in case the delivered tickets are stolen, lost, damaged, destroyed or rendered unusable in any other way.
  • Kindly note that Design My Night is the sole authorised source for purchasing The Yorkshire Pudding Festival tickets. If you obtain your ticket(s) from any other unauthorised source, you take on the risks of those tickets turning out to be counterfeit or reported to be stolen. The issuer has the right to dishonour such stolen/counterfeit tickets and declare them as void.
  • The Yorkshire Pudding Festival tickets delivered to you are not meant to be used for illegal reselling, copying, reproducing, or misrepresenting in any form. You cannot use the ticket(s) for any promotional/advertising purposes either (including sweepstakes and competitions) without our prior approval. Any proven record of such activities will result in immediate seizure and cancellation of your ticket(s).
  • Please note that The Yorkshire Pudding Festival tickets cannot be redeemed against cash, credits, or any other benefits.
  • Ink Events has the right to investigate if there has been any violation of the The Yorkshire Pudding Festival ticketing terms and conditions. In case of any conflicts, the decision of Ink Events will be deemed final (i.e., the issuer will remain the final arbiter in cases of disputes).
  • The event service will be deemed to have been delivered in its entirety as soon as The Yorkshire Pudding Festival starts on 1st and 2nd October 2022. From that point on, no refund requests will be entertained.


    • If you are not able to access any particular section(s) of the venue – Floor 6, CitiPark, Leeds Dock, Leeds, LS10 1LE – due to delays, government regulations, organiser policies, weather-related problems, emergencies, venue shutdown/evacuation or any other reason, you will not be eligible for any refunds, however tickets will carry over to the new date, once new date has been announced and tickets have gone back on sale for new date, refunds for 30% of the total amount of sold tickets will be refunded on a first come first serve basis.
    • If The Yorkshire Pudding Festival is cancelled in its entirety due to any unforeseen circumstances for example COVID RELATED LOCKDOWN, The Ink Events Company has the sole and absolute right to:
      • reschedule the event, or
      • issue a partial/full refund, or
      • not issue any refunds.
  • Please note that the decision of the issuer in such cases will be deemed final and binding.
  • If The Yorkshire Pudding Festival is cancelled due to any factors or causes not in the control of the issuer, the latter will offer a partial or full refund, or postpone the event, or provide a comparable ‘make good’ option. These factors will be inclusive of, but not limited to, natural disasters, government announcements, strikes, delays in production, and the like. Once again, the decision of Ink Events will be considered final.
  • If The Yorkshire Pudding Festival has to be rescheduled to other dates, you will not be eligible for any refunds. In case the event is fully cancelled, the refund, if issued, will include ONLY the face value/printed value of the ticket(s). The bearer cannot, under any circumstances, claim refunds on shipping fees, processing fees, handling fees, and such other charges.
  • Losses, if any, occurring due to foreign exchange fluctuations at the time of refunds, have to be borne by the purchaser. Ink Events cannot be, in any way, held liable for that.
  • The Yorkshire Pudding Festival is a ‘rain or shine’ event. By purchasing the event tickets, you automatically confirm that you/the attendee(s) are of the ‘minimum age’ or older, at the time of buying the ticket(s). The ‘minimum age’ for attending The Yorkshire Pudding Festival is 1 DAY OLD.
  • If it is proven beyond doubt at the venue that an attendee is below the ‘minimum age’, (s)he will not be granted entry to The Yorkshire Pudding Festival. No refunds, full or partial, will be issued either.
  • At the time of entering the event venue, you are required to produce the ticket and a valid identification document (ID). By presenting an ID, you confirm that all details present on it are accurate and updated.
  • By purchasing The Yorkshire Pudding Festival tickets and presenting the same at the venue, you give your consent to Ink Events to collect certain information about yourself (name, picture, date of birth, gender, address, etc.) for verification and storage.
  • You hereby agree to forego all types of surcharge claims – full or in part – and all claims & entitlements related to it.
  • Ink Events does not take any responsibility for personal/financial damages caused to you at the venue, or for any items lost/stolen/misplaced at the venue. Financial reimbursement claims on these counts will not be entertained.
  • The Yorkshire Pudding Festival and Ink Events follow a common ‘zero-tolerance policy’ towards unauthorised drug usage or carrying at the venue, AND towards any type of behaviour/actions that can be interpreted as lewd or obscene. If you are found in possession of prohibited items at The Yorkshire Pudding Festival and/or if you indulge in any objectionable action, your participation in the event will be terminated immediately. Your event ticket(s) will become void from that point on.
  • Please note that you purchase The Yorkshire Pudding Festival tickets on your own free will. As such, you do not have the right to initiate a chargeback claim or dispute on the provider of the credit card/debit card that had been used for the transaction. Further refund/return/cancellation requests will not be entertained either.
  • In all cases of disputes between the ticket-bearer and the ticket-issuer, the decision of the latter will be deemed final. In case a dispute cannot be resolved, the help of an independent third-party arbiter will be sought.


Terms and Conditions

By applying for an Exhibitor space at this event, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and the conditions. These will form a legally binding contract so please do take the time to read them and make sure you understand them.

This exhibition of goods, food or drink at the Yorkshire Pudding Festival at CitiPark Leeds Dock for two event days on the 1st & 2nd October 2022 agreement (“this agreement'') dated 23 March 2022.


Ink Events whose office is at Suite 1, 6 Burley Wood View, Leeds, LS4 2ST, (hereinafter referred to as Ink Events). OF THE FIRST PART




  1. Ink Events is the organiser of the event and owner of the Yorkshire Pudding Festival (hereinafter referred to as ‘YPF’)
  2. The Exhibitor wishes to exhibit and/or sell its goods / services and products at the event.
  3. The parties wish their agreement to be recorded in writing.

It is agreed as follows:


In this agreement, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings.

Agreed Purpose: means the sale / marketing of the Exhibitors goods, services / products within the allocated space.

Allocated Space: means the space at the venue, as described in schedule 1. The space number is the operational plan number and Ink Events have the sole right to place the Exhibitor where they see fit at any time.

Owner: means the owner of the venue and their representative(s).

Payment Date: means the date on which the fee for the allocated space will be expected by bank transfer.

Payment Charge: means the rental charge as defined in Schedule 1 to this agreement, and in respect of the allotted space.

Event: means the YPF to be held at the venue on the event dates.

Event Dates: means Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October 2022.

VAT: means value added tax or any other tax of a similar nature unless otherwise expressly stated all references to exhibitor fees or other sums payable by the Exhibitor are inclusive of VAT.

Venue: means Floor 6, CitiPark, Leeds Dock, Leeds, LS10 1LE.

Trading Hours: Saturday 10am – 9pm, Sunday 10am – 5pm.


In this agreement:

    1. Clause headings do not form part of the interpretation of this agreement.
    2. Reference to any legislation will include any statutory or other re-enactment or modification thereof (whether before or after the date of this agreement).
    3. Where the context requires, words denoting the singular include the plural and vice versa and words denoting gender include all people.
    4. References to clause and schedule numbers are to clauses and schedules in this agreement so numbered.
    5. References to parties include references to their respective successors in title, permitted assignees and notates.


  1. Exhibitors must pay to Ink Events, deposits, rental charges, tickets, licence and electricity fees, via BACS on the payment due date.
  2. Subject to the provisions of this agreement, Ink Events endeavours to allocate an exhibition space in a specific area if requested.  Once our festival content and layout plan has been confirmed we will then issue you with an exhibitor space.  We reserve the right to change your position to suit our planning requirements up to and including the setup day Friday 30th September 2022. All iterations of the event map are for guide purposes only, are not to scale and may change at any time.
  3. Ink Events shall have the right to terminate this agreement and re-allocate the allotted space to another exhibitor in the event of a non/late payment of any invoices and/or failure to respond to any communications within 30 days. No refunds will be given. No exhibitor will be allowed to trade at the event in the event that any parts of their invoice remains unpaid including any VAT.


The Exhibitor hereby agrees and undertakes as follows:

  1. To use the allocated space only for the agreed purpose only trading within the trade-lines as agreed with Ink Events as described in schedule 1. If during any trade-line checks undertaken prior to or throughout the running of the event Ink Events find that an exhibitor has breached this term Ink Events have the absolute right to demand the removal of any non-approved goods or products and may ask the exhibitor to leave the event. No refunds will be given.
  2. To ensure that the allocated space is manned at all times during the continuance of the event trading hours as stipulated in Section 1. Definitions.
  3. To ensure that NO VEHICLE is moved anywhere inside the boundary of the event during the main event operational hours which are 8.30am until 9pm Saturday 1st October and Sunday 2nd October. No vehicle will be permitted onto or off site before 5pm on Sunday.
  4. To comply with all reasonable and lawful directions and / or instructions of the owner or Ink Events and or any of our subcontractors.
  5. To pay the rental charge, together with any sums due under the terms of this agreement, by BACS on the payment date and in accordance with the terms of schedule 1.
  6. To ensure that it does nothing that may, in the reasonable opinion of Ink Events, cause any harm, damage, nuisance, inconvenience or annoyance to other exhibitors or visitors or otherwise bring the reputation of the event into disrepute.
  7. To install and arrange its goods and products, within the allocated space within your given time slot on the 1st October 2022. No arrangements are available for setup outside of these times. You will receive your allocated time slot in your event pack. Allocated times are in place to ensure that the exhibitor booking in process is as efficient as possible.  Exhibitors are permitted access the main event area to restock between 7am and 8:30am on Saturday and Sunday morning. Entry to the Main Event area is via the access ramp from floor 5 or the public lifts only.
  8. Exhibitors that have booked electric supply from Ink Events must arrive on site by 2pm Friday 1st October. Ink Events do not guarantee that the electricity will be connected on that day. It may also take several hours to connect the electricity supply especially if the Exhibitor fails to bring the correct connectors, notify Ink Events of the correct connection type required and / or require more power than what has been ordered on the exhibitor electrical requirements form. No refunds will be given and Ink Events does not accept any responsibility for any losses incurred however they arise. Exhibitors using or requiring more power above their allocation will be charged accordingly plus an additional £50.00 + VAT fee.
  9. Arrive on site each event day in sufficient time to be ready to trade to the public by 10am. Access to the exhibitor parking area will be stopped at 8.30am and any vehicles arriving after this time will have to park in the public parking area for which there will be a charge payable to the carpark (CitiPark) direct at their pay stations. Any exhibitor arriving late may not be permitted into the event to trade. Ink Events or the venue owner are not liable for any damage or loss incurred to any vehicle parked at the event at any times however so arising. 
  10. To ensure that no vehicles with a height of 2m are brought on site as they will not fit into the carpark.
  11. To ensure that no children (persons under the age of 16) are brought onto their exhibitor space to either work or be supervised during the event operational times if that exhibitor is trading to the public.
  12. To ensure that no animals are brought onto their exhibitor space without the prior consent of Ink Events and inclusion in the event plan. No Food or Drink Traders may bring animals onto their exhibition space, with the exception of support dogs.
  13. To ensure that no employee of the exhibitor consumes any alcohol within trading times. This includes all areas of the festival.
  14. All Food Exhibitors are to provide one meal to a member of The Yorkshire Pudding Festival Staff / Performers within the weekend of the festival. The exhibitor is only required to provide one meal throughout the weekend up to the value of £10.
  15. To pay the £100 Waste / Damage Deposit. This is a refundable deposit to ensure that Exhibitors clear their own waste from their allocated space and does not damage their area. All waste should be taken to the skips and not left on your exhibitor space. There should be no damage to the floor, this includes burn marks. The skips are located on the site map which is shown in your trader pack. You must ensure that an authorised member of our Team signs off your allocated space before you leave the site on Sunday. The deposit will be refunded within 14 days of the event ending. You will be advised before you leave whether or not your Waste / Damage deposit will be refunded. Please note our team may take photographs of any damage or waste left on the allocated space which may be used as evidence.
  16. To take all reasonable care of, and to make good all damage and loss caused to the Venue and any property therein, (including, but not limited to, any allocated space).
  17. Not to supply from the allocated space any alcohol or tobacco.
  18. All drinks/beverages are to be sampled or sold for consumption on site to be in reusable, bamboo or paper bottles/glasses as per green policy in schedule 1. Any food sampling should be done in a way to prevent cross-contamination. Such as no samples left out for members of the public to help themselves, samples should be handed to the individual that has requested them. Samples should not be given in single use plastic shot glasses.
  19. Products sold in glass bottles for consumption off site should be sold in a sealed bag.
  20. Cocktail sticks are not to be used in sampling, please provide an alternative e.g. cake cases.  This is to assist in the clear up after the event. You will be asked to remove these from your space if any are found.
  21. To ensure that all goods, products, and displays are restricted to the allocated space, and to ensure that such goods, products and displays or any other property belonging to the Exhibitor does not obstruct any exit from, or entrance to, or passage or gangway in the venue.
  22. To ensure that all goods, merchandise, and displays are restricted to the allocated space, and to ensure that such goods, merchandise and displays or any other property belonging to the Exhibitor does not obstruct any exit from, or entrance in the venue.
  23. To bear all costs and expenses with regard to the transportation, packing and unpacking and insuring of the Exhibitors goods, products and property.
  24. To ensure that at all times, until its obligations are performed, to maintain insurance cover with an insurance company of repute, against all liability it may have to Ink Events under or in connection with this agreement (however arising).
  25. To not install or use any electrical items not listed on the electric application form and to unplug all items at the end of each trading day if the Exhibitor has not ordered and paid for overnight electricity.
  26. No glass glasses are permitted on site and drinks for consumption on site should be decanted into the permitted reusable plastic glasses as per schedule 1.
  27. To notify Ink Events immediately on becoming aware of any accident or injury occurring to any person in the venue.
  28. To comply fully with Ink Events’s ‘Going Green’ policy for 2022. A copy of which is in Schedule 1.
  29. To understand that there will be limited contact with the YPF Team during the month of September as they will be busy on the run up to the festival. All information will have been sent to you before September via email.  Ink Events cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from the Exhibitor losing information which has been previously been sent to them.
  30. To ensure that any deliveries (equipment or products) are made to the site on Friday 30th September 2022 past 6pm at the very latest. No deliveries are permitted on Saturday 1st October 2022 and will be refused entry by our Gate Teams.


  1. The Exhibitor shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations and codes of practice relating to the event and the exhibitor’s attendance at the event, to include any rules and regulations set out in the organisers correspondence, any additional rules imposed by the owner of the venue and the authorities and any Fire and Safety regulations. Such legislation shall include without limitation The Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999, The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 and The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and The Coronavirus Act 2020. The Exhibitor shall ensure that all parties engaged or employed by the exhibitor are made aware of these obligations.
  2. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the exhibitor agrees that:
  3. All electrical requirements must be booked through our electrical supplier.
  4. Each exhibitor space must have a separate electrical supply.
  5. No naked lights, oil lamps or temporary gas / LPG or electrical fittings may be used in the Venue, unless agreed in writing by either Ink Events, the owner and / or authorities.
  6. No Petrol generators to be brought on site without prior written consent from Ink Events.
  7. No petrol, dangerous gases or highly flammable substances shall be brought into the Venue, unless agreed in writing by either Ink Events, the owner and / or authorities.
  8. It shall do nothing to jeopardise the current insurance policies of the licences of the venue or Ink Events and the exhibitor shall in all cases comply with any requirements of the authorities.
  9. All Exhibitors must have Public Liability Insurance and if necessary Employer Liability Insurance and be able to produce copies upon request.
  10. All Exhibitors must have filled in and have with them on site a copy of their Risk Assessment for their exhibitor space. This must be sent to Ink Events via email with any application to trade at the event. Exhibitors must comply with their Risk Assessment and enact any amendments which are requested by Ink Events.
  11. All Exhibitors, where appropriate, must have copies of their Safety Work Systems and Food Hygiene certificates on site.
  12. All display material must be made by fireproof materials to the satisfaction of the authorities.
  13. All Exhibitors and their employees must adhere to the guidance and instructions issued by Ink Events in relation to the Event Plan. 


Ink Events shall not be responsible for:

  1. The safety of items brought into the venue by the exhibitor, its agents, employees or sub-contractors; or
  2. The supply to any exhibitor of any goods or services by the owner or other third parties at the event. Including the safety and working order of any items supplied by electricity whilst at the event.
  3. Any loss of income or profits, damage to stock or products, loss of contracts or for any indirect or consequential loss or damage of any kind howsoever arising.
  4. Nothing in these terms shall exclude or in any way limit the liability of Ink Events for fraud or for death or personal injury caused by its specific negligence, or for any other liability to the extent that the same may not be limited or excluded as a matter of law.
  5. Any injury, illness or death caused by the failure of exhibitors, contractors and any other personnel including visitors as a result of their failure to adhere to or follow the code of conduct, health and safety plan, risk assessment and any other supporting documentation/instructions.
  6. The Exhibitor shall indemnify and keep indemnified Ink Events against all costs, losses or damages incurred by Ink Events or claims made against Ink Events arising directly or indirectly as a result of any breach of these terms by the exhibitor, any default or negligence of the exhibitor or the exhibitors agents, employees or subcontractors in connection with the event.


  1. The Exhibitor hereby acknowledges that Ink Events shall have the absolute right to advertise, market and/ or promote the event as it deems fit, and shall have sole editorial control over any publicity materials.
  2. Ink Events has the right to use all photographic / video media materials submitted to Ink Events by the exhibitor as it deems fit.
  3. The exhibitor may publish approved advertising and promotional material relating to the exhibitor’s attendance at the event. Such material can be accessed via written permission.
  4. Ink Events may choose to display the Exhibitor name, business and product descriptions and images / video on its website and or social media platforms.


  1. Ink Events may cancel the booking forthwith by notice in writing to the exhibitor or if appropriate exclude the exhibitor from the event, if the exhibitor:

Breach(es) of any of these Terms:

  1. Failure to pay any invoices by due dates.
  2. Failure to respond to our communications within 30 days.
  3. Becomes insolvent, enters liquidation or bankruptcy, passes a resolution for its winding up, had an administrator appointed over the whole or any part of its assets, makes any composition or arrangement with its creditors or takes or suffers any similar action in consequence of its debt; or
  4. Ceases or threatens to cease, to carry on business.
  5. Any fees paid including the booking deposit will not be refunded in the event of an exhibitor booking being cancelled by Ink Events due to the above conditions.
  6. Fails to comply with any Health & Safety or any other instructions.
  7. Ink Events shall be entitled to remove any person or thing or exclude the exhibitor from the Event in the event that Ink Events considers that such removal or exclusion to be in the interests of the Ink Events, the Event or other exhibitors or visitors at the exhibition. This includes items / trade lines not listed on your terms & conditions as defined in Schedule 1.
  8. In the event that the exhibitor cancels their application in less than 3 months (92 days) of the event, no payments made towards the event will be refunded. There will be a £20.00 + VAT administration charge for all processed cancellations.


  1. Should the situation arise where the event or part of the event should be cancelled due to force majeure no refunds will be given.
      1. ‘Force Majeure Event’ means:
      2. An act of God including but not limited to fire, flood, earthquake, windstorm or other natural disaster;
      3. Act of any sovereign state, including but not limited to war, invasion, act foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation;
      4. Nationalisation, requisition, destruction or damage to property by or under the order of any government or public or local authority or imposition of government sanction embargo or similar action;
      5. Law, judgement, order, decree, embargo, blockade, labour dispute including but not limited to strike, lockout or boycott; interruption or failure of utility service including but not limited to electric power, gas, water or telephone service;
      6. Failure of the transportation of personnel equipment, machinery supply or material required by Ink Events for the proper performance of the contract;
      7. Breach of contract by any essential personnel;
  2. Any other matter or cause beyond the control of Ink Events.


  1. Neither party may transfer or assign this agreement to any third party without the prior written consent of the other party, such consent shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.


  1. The exhibitor shall not sublet or otherwise share any allocated space at the event without the prior written consent of Ink Events.


  1. The allocation to the exhibitor of the allocated space shall be at the absolute discretion of Ink Events.
  2. Exhibitor spaces are allocated at the absolute discretion of Ink Events and this may be different to the agreed or requested space position following the event build which may arise as a result of other exhibitor cancellations, trade-line conflicts or any other relevant reason. In the event that the exhibitor is unhappy with their space allocation they may chose not to exhibit at the event, but no refunds will be given.


  1. Any notice or other communication given or made under this agreement shall be in writing via email, with the date/time being the record of delivery of the notice being served and may be delivered to the relevant party to the address specified or contact details specified in this agreement;


  1. The failure of either party to enforce or to exercise any term of this agreement does not constitute a waiver of such term and will in no way affect that party’s right later to enforce or to exercise it.
  2. This agreement represents the entire agreement of the parties in relation to its subject matter and supersedes any prior arrangements, understandings, promises, representations or agreements made or existing between the parties relating thereto.


  1. The parties hereby agree that this agreement will be construed in accordance the laws of England and Wales whose courts shall be the courts of sole jurisdiction.


  1. If any of the provisions of this agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable under any applicable statute or rule of law, it is to that extent to be deemed omitted from this agreement. Such an omission will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this agreement, which will remain in full force and effect.


  1. This agreement may be amended or modified at any time by Ink Events. Any changes will be made in writing and the Terms & Conditions reissued.


  1. The relationship of the parties is that of independent contractors dealing at arms’ length and accordingly, nothing in this agreement will be construed so as to constitute the parties as partners, joint venturers or co-owners or empower either party to act for, bind or otherwise create or assume any obligation on behalf of the other and neither party will hold itself out as entitled to do the same.
  2. Nothing in this agreement will create or be deemed to create the relationship of employer and employee or principal and agent.


  1. All applications must be made via a current booking form. We do not accept telephone or email applications not made via a booking form. In line with the data protection guidelines we do not sell exhibitor information to any external parties outside of Ink Events. 
  2. Sending in an application form does not guarantee acceptance to exhibit at the event.
  3. Ink Events reserves the right to refuse / to accept any application without stating a reason, and their decision shall be final.
  4. The allocation of exhibitor space shall be at the sole discretion of the Ink Events.
  5. We restrict the trade-lines at our event and reserve the right to review the ‘goods intended for sale’ on your application form and will advise you in writing what you are permitted to sell. This is also described in schedule 1.
  6. Each exhibitor will receive up to 4 event passes for staff per 3m frontage booked.  If you require more passes these will need to be booked beforehand and as there is a limited number of extra passes available these may be charged for at 50% of the price of a day ticket.


  1. Any issues arising at the event in relation to this agreement should be reported to the Event Manager. Who will respond accordingly.
  2. Complaints should be made in writing to the Events Manager at hello@inkevents.co.uk within 30 days of the event ending. No complaints after this period will be investigated or responded to and their decision is final.

SCHEDULE 1 – ‘Going Green’ Policy 2022

Along with festivals from across the UK, the Yorkshire Pudding Festival (Ink Events) are taking steps to mitigate our effect on the environment. Our goal is to be as sustainable as we possibly can, whilst still making our event the best event focused on Yorkshire Puddings.

We have a long-term plan to achieve our ‘Going Green’ Policy but for our 2022 festival we are introducing the following guidelines:

  1. No plastic straws will be permitted at the event. Please use paper or metal straws.
  2. No plastic knives, forks, spoons or other cutlery. All cutlery must be made from FSC/assured wood.
  3. No non-bio degradable glitter will be permitted at the event.
  4. No Single use plastic cups/glasses/bottles will be permitted at the event.
  5. No Single use food plastics – all exhibitors will be asked to serve their food / drink in alternative packaging materials where possible (i.e. paper, cardboard etc), including plates and cutlery. Manage napkin distribution to avoid waste.
  6. We advise the use of:
    1. Biodegradable cable ties
    2. Paper or bamboo sampling products
    3. Compostable bin bags
  7. All hot drinks holders/cups & lids must be made from cardboard or leaves and must be compostable.
  8. We always execute our ‘Leave no trace’ policy at CitiPark, Leeds Dock. This is a working car park and should be respected as so. 
  9. We therefore ask (as also specified in your terms and conditions above) that all waste generated yourself / your business should be placed in the relevant skips – and not left on your allocated space, if waste is found to be on your pitch you will not receive your £100 waste deposit back.


Terms and Conditions


  1. All competitions are operated by Ink Events operating as The Yorkshire Pudding Festival.
  2. The following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) apply to all of the competition prizes offered.
  3. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. These Terms and Conditions set out who can enter the competition, how the competition will be run and the circumstances in which we may withhold all or part of the prize and/or disqualify you. Your entry implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions as final and binding. We reserve the right to disqualify your entry if we have reasonable grounds to believe that you have breached any of these Terms and Conditions.
  4. We reserve the right to suspend, cancel or modify the competition and it's terms and conditions at any time (and for any reason) without notice.


  1. In these Terms and Conditions (except where a different interpretation is necessary in the context) the words and expressions set out below shall have the following meanings: The competition prize is as advertised.


  1. The competition is only open to UK residents aged 16 and over (at the time of entry).


  1. You may enter the competition only once (one email address). Multiple entries will be disqualified.
  2. If it is a Like, Comment and Share competition on Social Media you must follow the rules outlined on the posts. (Which means you must like, comment and share)
  3. Any other social media competitions that may run, you must follow the rules posted on the specific post related to the competition. 
  4. Unfortunately, We cannot be held responsible for entries which are lost or corrupted or for any entries to the Prize Draw which we do not receive as a result of any technical error, however caused. In addition, We cannot accept any liability for any difficulties experienced in submitting an entry. Proof of entry or submission will not be proof of receipt.


  1. The Winner will be selected at random from the entries submitted.
  2. The Winner of the competition will be notified via direct message on social media or via email by the close of business on the day after the competition has closed as per the terms and conditions.
  3. If the Winner does not confirm receipt of the prize within 48hrs of being notified, an alternative winner will be drawn.
  4. Details of the Winner’s name and entry may be disclosed by us on our website and social media platforms. By entering the competition, you expressly agree to permit such disclosure if you are the Winner.
  5. The winner also gives consent to appear in photographic form on our social media channels and for other marketing activities.
  6. The prize is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative.
  7. Any tickets offered to The Yorkshire Pudding Festival are valid for the day (s) stated as part of the competition. 


  1. Ink Events will only use your data to contact you in relation to the competition and to send you marketing and promotions relating to The Yorkshire Pudding Festival. We will not pass your data to any third party in the UK or overseas.
  2. If you wish to unsubscribe from further email marketing and promotions please email us at ypf@inkevents.co.uk.
  3. Ink Events is the processor of your personal data in relation to the competition entered. Your personal data will be retained for future promotions and marketing relating to The Yorkshire Pudding Festival. If you would like to contact Ink Events in relation to your personal data and its usage please:

    • write to: Suite 6, Burley Wood View, Leeds, LS4 2ST
    • or email ypf@inkevents.co.uk  
    • or call us on 07746987458


  1. Ink Events is the owner and organiser of The Yorkshire Pudding Festival. http://yorkshirepuddingfestival.co.uk/ The company name is Ink Events, which is the trading name of Sole Trader Ben Vollans.


We pride ourselves on giving excellent customer service, helping everyone create incredible experiences together. 

We really do care and strive to offer the best experience at our festival. We might not always get it right, but we definitely try hard to listen and act upon all feedback.

So, if you need any help and you can’t find the answers on our website, please give us a call or send us a WhatsApp on 07746987458. We are available Monday to Friday from 9.30am until 4pm.


UPDATED 08.07.2021 for Covid-19 related questions

Q.  What is the date of our 2021 festival?

A.  The Yorkshire Pudding Festival 2022 will take place on the 1st and 2nd October 2022.

Q.  I have requested a refund, when will I receive the funds?

A.  In line with our ticket terms and conditions, we do not give refunds on our tickets. For the full terms and conditions around this please see our T&Cs HERE.

Q.  Why do I not get the booking fee refunded?

A.  If a refund has been issued the bookings fee is paid to the ticketing company and not ourselves, therefore we have no say in this being held by the ticketing company.

Q.  What are the Opening Times?

A.  The Festival Arena is open from 10am until 9pm, on Saturday 1st October 2022 and 10am until 5pm on Sunday 2nd October 2022. 

Q.  What time is last entry to the festival?

A.  The latest entrance admission at the main gates is 8pm on Saturday 1st Ocotber and 4pm on Sunday 2nd October. Please be aware that we do not reduce the entrance ticket prices at any point during the day. The same fee applies regardless of what time you arrive.

Q.  What does the Ticket Price Include?

A.  Ticket prices include entry to the entire festival site. Tickets will be shown upon arrival to the site and will be scanned upon entry to the festival arena. If you have any specific queries, please contact our team.

Q.  Why is there a booking fee?

A.  Running a ticket agency costs money – the costs of premises, IT, staff, communication, etc, have to be covered – and, in addition, agents provide a service to their customers which has value. Ticket agents are also commercial enterprises, which often have the interests of shareholders to consider. A fee, often calculated as a percentage of the price of each ticket, is therefore added by agents on top of a ticket’s face value to cover both their costs of sale and as a charge for the service provided.

Q.  I can’t find my tickets / they have not been emailed to me?

A.  If you do not receive an email with your tickets following your purchase please check your SPAM mailbox as some service providers send unknown emails automatically to this folder. If you still can’t find them please go onto the ticket purchase help section, link provided: https://designmynight.helpscoutdocs.com/article/81-where-are-my-tickets 

Q.  Can Tickets be purchased on the Days of the Festival?

A.  Tickets sell fast and due to capacity restrictions at the Venue we only have a limited number. If we have any tickets remaining these will be available on the gates at an increased rate, usually £5 more than they are online in advance. Please note the prices change online too on these days but you can still buy Standard Entrance tickets online up until and including the weekend of the festival. Tickets will go off sale at 4pm Sunday 2nd October 2022. If by any chance they are still on sale after this time and you purchase one, no refund will be issued in line with our T&Cs.

Q.  Are Children free?

A.  Children aged 5 or under are free to enter the Festival with an Adult who has purchased a Standard Entrance Ticket. For Health & Safety reasons we require a ratio of one adult to four (4) children 7 years old or under. We take health and safety very seriously and we will be prepared with things like UK safety signage to ensure you have a fun and safe day out.

Q.  Is Camping, Campervans & Caravanning available?

A.  No, sadly with our change of venue this year we are not able to offer camping of any sorts. It is a city centre venue that is a multi story car park.

Q.  Can I get a refund?

A.  Refunds are not available nor do we permit the reselling of tickets. Please see our Ticket Terms & Conditions on our Tickets Page for more information.

Q.  Can dogs attend the Festival?

A.  Of course! We just ask that they are kept on a short lead and waste bins will be available for your use.

Q.  Can I get Cash at the Festival?

A.  No, there will be no cashback at the event from either the Festival organisers or any of our vendors, including the bars. The nearest cash machine is outside Tesco on the ground floor.. (We cannot guarantee this machine will be working. So please bring enough cash with you on the day.) Card payments throughout would be appreciated. 

Q.  Is there a Token System?

A.  No, all products on site can be purchased with cash or cards, if the Vendor takes them.

Q.  Is there a Picnic Area?

A.  Yes! Just in front of the stage! There will also be several other seating areas around the Festival Arena, these are clearly marked on the map on our website. Please note that only food and drink purchased at the Festival may be consumed in the Festival Arena. 

Q.  Is there Disabled Access?

A.  Our Festival site is a concrete multi story car park, with lifts up to the 6th Floor (where we are situated), meaning all our festival is fully accessible. There are dedicated Disabled Toilets.

Q.  Is there Food for Vegetarians, Vegans or Gluten Free?

A.  Yes, several of our Vendors offer a range of Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free Food. This is highlighted on our social media, website and on our event guide on the day.

Q.  Can I attend the Festival if I have a Food Allergy?

A.  All our Vendors make every attempt to identify ingredients that may cause the most common allergic reactions, however, there is always a risk of cross contamination and those with allergies should be aware of this. Please check with a Vendor and they will be able to advise.

Q.  What are the Ticket Terms & Conditions?

A.  For our FULL terms and conditions please see our Ticket Terms & Conditions on our Tickets Page here. 

All tickets for The Yorkshire Pudding Festival include entrance to the event for either one or both of the event days as stated on your ticket.

The content of the event advertised on this website and our social media platforms may be subject to change. Any changes will be notified as soon as possible and any information on the website amended. Historic Digital Media posts will not be amended.


If you don’t fancy sleeping under the stars within our camping field – don’t worry!

A few places nearby may be available. But you’ll have to check their availability yourself.

  • Camp Katur Glamping (At Camp Hill Estate) 
  • Hillside B&B, Carthorpe
  • Howgrave Hall Caravan Park, Sutton Howgrave
  • The Castle Arms Inn, Snape
  • The Nags Head, Pickhill


Our Festival Site is located at the beautiful Camp Hill Estate, located just outside of Kirklington near Bedale. There will be lots of signs from the A1 and our lovely Traffic Management Team will guide you into the site. The post code for Sat Nav DL8 2LS, but it’s best to type out Camp Hill Estate. Minutes off the A1, Camp Hill is in an easily accessible location, perfectly placed in the centre of the UK between London and Edinburgh.

We recommend that you plan your journey in advance and ensure you allow sufficient time to get to the venue. 


5 minutes from the A1M between junction 50 and 51. Exits and Entrance – North/South/East & West. Situated within 1 hour drive of Newcastle/Leeds/York/Doncaster


Northallerton, Thirsk and Darlington all connected on the mainline between London and Edinburgh.


40 Minutes – 1.15 hour drive from International Airports Leeds Bradford, Durham Tees Valley and Newcastle.

Where can I park…

We have plenty of Car Parking at the venue, which is signposted from the A1 in both directions. Car parking for the whole weekend is FREE. The car park is accessed via a hard standing road.